Things to Do

Our prime location offers many things to do. We'll point you in any direction you choose to ensure your stay is all you want it to be and more!


5 minutes away from Turley, Rotta, Castoro, Venteaux, Clavo, Peachy Canyon, Dusi, Zinaida, Summerwood, Niner, Tooth & Nail, Grey Wolf, Dark Star, Booker, Aron Hill, Four Lanterns, Austin Hope and more.

Ready to Relax? Our pool and hot tub will help you do just that all year-round. Even if you don't feel like a night out on the town that doesn't mean you can't have a relaxing soak or swim. 

Adventure Awaits: If you are ready to get out and moving, there is no shortage of activities for you to enjoy. Get out into nature on a hike through our various nature trails that offer some fantastic views and possible wildlife spotting. Stay local or take a scenic drive to the Coast just 25 minutes away!

Shop: A short drive will take you into the small historic downtown district of Paso Robles  for unique shopping experiences, gourmet dining, and live music that plays on throughout the night.  

Beer: Firestone Walker Brewery and Tasting Room is 7 minutes away

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The Templeton Gap is famous for it's hot days and cool nights! Perfect for multiple varieties of Red Wines such as Cabernet which is grown on site.